Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what we've been up to....

Since its been soooo long since a proper update, I thought I should take the "one story at a time" approach. Noesheen and I get up to alot of baking.....mostly choc cakes with a few cookies and cheesecake slices sprinkled in there now and then. Noesheen once thought we should move away from our signature choc cake and make a sponge cake...she found the recipe on her on and I just assisted. When the cake came out she was so disappointed that she proclaimed we stick to our normal choc cakes ONLY. We do have banana cakes occassionally but as little miss is not very fond of banana cakes, we don't make these very often.
Here is Noesheen's idea brought to life
a bday cake for a friend at work

Our fave cookies- Choc Chip oatmeal cookies with  dash of cinnamon

We made this a few months family loves whipped cream!

cupcake version of fetish with whipped cream/choc cake and choc chunks

Nadims B-day cake we make early december

our version of black forrest cake

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A year in summary

We are now fully settled in New Zealand. Noesheen has had a fun year at school and is growing so fast. We have had many interesting stories and experiences together. She is growing up to be an interesting character for sure.

Her only complaint was that she didn't have a brother or sister to play with..... and so she prayed about it. Its true that Heavenly Father does really answer prayers, esp those of little children. Noesheen will now be a big sister officially in February. As expected she was the most thrilled of us all and has been leading the discussion on what to name her brother.

I have had a busy year at work and am now in a role I more fully enjoy.

More to come....this was just a little update for now :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

the joys of baking

We have been at our home for well over a year, during which time I have not used the oven to bake. I got home from work tonight and discovered much to my delight that the problem had been fixed. Nadim immediately asked to test the oven by baking a cake. Now normally that would be a chocolate cake but since we seemed to have more than we could eat bananas.... A banana cake seemed like a better solution. Big little miss almost seven dislikes banana cake to say the least, it's not that she doesn't like bananas.... She just doesnt like banana cake. So when she discovered banana cake on the menu this evening... She naturally express her displeasure but stuck around to help and chat up a storm.
She watched the mixture go from from creamy liquid to golden brown in the oven. And because she watches way too many cooking competitions on tv, her food critic expressions and comments are never ending. She snorted when I offered her a piece of hot cake, " u know I don't eat banana cake".
No cake is complete without icing or frosting so I started on that under the watchful eye of big little miss almost seven wanna be a food critic. As I added a few drops of lemon to the icing she snorted "yuck lemon what are u doing?"
I dared to ask again if she'd like a piece. A few shrugs and Umms later she identified the exact location and size of the cake she wanted ( don't u know selecting a piece of cake is an exact scientific process?)
As she took a delicate nibble of her selected slice... I asked the feared question " so how is it?".
The response?
Hmm. Umm lemme give u a piece to try
( breaking off a crumb then misdirecting it to her own mouth)
Oh sorry that was for you
Hmmm yumm
( with a mouth stuffed with cake and three thumbs up and a few eyerolls later)
The verdict is given. The much disliked banana cake. Is now a goer!!!! Classic little miss almost seven going all chef on me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

the time had come

I decided this week that I had to start blogging again. I just had to find the time to update my blog, then it dawned on me that with technology these days I could blog from my phone. Which meant I could blog anytime with the help of a handy app on my phone. Another great reason to keep loving my iPhone.
It's been a while. We are still in NZ. Noesheen has started year two this year. It's a bit hard to fathom how fast this child is growing. She is a constant joy in my life. When I decided that it was time to shed some excess, she comment " please don't do that, if u get skinny, I won't know who you are"
I got myself a full time job a year ago come March 1. Vodafone NZ has been good to me thus far.
It's mid summer in NZ and we are loving the warm warm weather. The entire country is still reeling from the most recent Christchurch earthquake though. All these and other event s around the world are testimony and a reminder to get my oil lamp filled and trimmed.
Thats it for now. Lots of catch up to do from my end. Picts and all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UP DATE time amongst other things

Really quickly....

We don't celebrate Halloween this side of the world, I know... I can just see all the shocked expressions on your faces. But yes, it's true we DO NOT celebrate the dress-up-and-collect-candy-and-enjoy-pumpkins-day here in the islands.

Noesheen and I are heading back to New Zealand this month, for good...hopefully! Its been rough with our little family scattered across the Pacific like this. Its been a true test of a lot of things for me. While I have missed being in my own home and with my husband, I have enjoyed spending time with my mother and siblings here. I have silently observed so much about my family during the last couple of months, I have learnt so many spiritual lessons and enjoyed the companionship of the sweet spirit that is my child.

So as we prepare to head back to New Zealand I find myself starring up at huge list of things to do. okay maybe not that huge, but it feels like it when you are starring up at it from the bottom of the list...and the items on the list are in large format font...LOL

Speedy and effective hand-overs at work (how I will miss being super busy and in the thick of the advertising industry in Fiji)

Quick Check of my already packed suitcases (I will not miss living out of a suitcase, and even then, I have to re-pack....don't ask how that works)

Noesheen's Concert ( I must say I am more excited for this than my child is....all the costumes are done, thanks to a wonderful grandaunt!)

Smaller nick-nacks (funny how the smaller things to do on my list take up the most time)

Re-take of past farewells (less then a year ago I had to say goodbye to relatives, friends and I have to do it all over again. I feel like the little boy who cried wolf, in that story....which changes my perspective on that little boy, maybe he really thought the wolf had come the first two times...LOL)

Which means you may not hear from me again, until we are back in New Zealand. I can promise you that you won't have to wait for Thanksgiving for that next update.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Now where did it go....

WOW! a whole month since I have last written....Where does the time go?

hmmm maybe it went into the four twilight books I devoured in two and a half weeks. No I think I spent more time discussing the story with my little sister than I did reading. Gosh darn it, those vampires and shape shifters. And that very human teenage girl.

Maybe it went into diving head first into Wuthering Heights and Sense & Sensibility. I have to make a mental note somewhere to remind myself that I cannot just start reading Wuthering Heights after reading a really "normal" book like Twilight. requires a whole deal of mental preparedness to be greeted on every page with words like "ejaculated". Hang on, let me finish giggling (deep breathe, regaining composure...okay set). Thank goodness somebody got to live happily ever after, the tragedy!! I shake my fists at the injustice! What's the deal with falling in love and not been able to live happily ever after? Isn't the true test of true love in being able to endure it rather than dying for it? sheesh! (Allow me to remind myself that its just a work of fiction not meant to resemble real life.....)

Sense & Sensibility wasn't that was hilarious! Such a draft for "pride and prejudice", which may be the reason why I liked it. Because I absolutely adore "pride and prejudice".
Next on the agenda on my list of *(available books) to read is "Jane Eyre"....hmmm Yes it would seem I am on a Jane Austen and Bronte mission.
*There are a lot of other books I would like to read....that are just not available for me to read in this country.

I am a little pleased that my recent choice of literature has begun to rebuild my vocabulary list. Not that I will be using the word "sipidity" any time soon. One day when I have more time I want to reread Sense & Sensibility just to count the number of times that word was used.

Perhaps, time sped away with our Fathers Day weekend. It was total surprise to have Nadim visit Father's day weekend (celebrated that first Sunday in September). There I was in the middle of a TV shoot on location, with the rest of the crew and talent, and my husband walks up!! Silly boy! I had to remind him that he better stop giving those kinds of surprises, my poor heart! It already looks like it (my heart that is) will be prone to having clogged arteries with all the stuff I consume on a daily basis. I was nice to have Nadim around and to be a real family for a few days. Noesheen LOVED having daddy around!

aah maybe it went into all the new scripts and campaign proposals I have been doing at work. I hardly seem to be getting one script out without the need to start on a whole new one. Its utter madness I tell you, but I love it! So I am grateful that I have a job that keeps me busy and a little crazy.

Or there is a huge chance time went into dealing with the drastic change in my five year old. I am sure there is a button that got switched on (that was supposed to stay off) when she turned five. The "let me do what I want to do not what mom tells me to do" button. Urggghhhhh! ( a virtue I will be blessed to acquire... when I acquire it)

So there! That's where all my time went... all that and sleeping, because like normal humans I can't function without sleep. Although I must admit a great deal of the-supposed-to-be-revitalising-sleep has been nightmarish and weird, so of course I have spent a bit of my waking hours wondering "where the heck did that come from".

Maybe next time....I will have a better more longer narrative to share.
PS I have enjoyed your updates though!

Monday, August 17, 2009

"My own personal brand of..."

Its not new, no it isn't by a long shot

I had heard of it....often in passing...on others blogs, Facebook, it was like an epidemic...and I was on the outside..watching, listening.

The craze times

My friends spoke about them as if they knew them, you know Forks was a place they had all visited, it was tantalizingly...SAFE.

I was ignorant to what existed in Meyer's mind and spilled over into her books...until...

One boring Saturday, our supply of watchable DVDs were running low. You know what I mean about watchable, there are only so many DVDs you can watch over and over and over and over again and it doesn't get boring....mmm, like a good book, with the binding almost gone, the pages yellowed and bent with her copy of Wuthering Heights.. the only other comparison I can make my copy of the BOM

There it was, that particular DVD I had been avoiding staring up at me. "I luuuuvvvv it", my sisters high pitched voice edged on, implying that I would too. After all we share similar tastes in most kinds of literature for instance. And that one small instance was perhaps where our similarities ended, movies were after all a whole other story. So I picked it up, stared at the words calling out to me "Twilight" the words rolled off my tongue

"what the heck" I thought, I could sit through this, it was time to find out what all the fuss was about. Actually technically, what i was doing went against my own personal form of logic.
what logic you ask...simple logic

If there exists a movie that came from a book...don't...never watch the the book first!

So there I sat, watching the TV screen, wondering what kind of lunacy had driven me to break my one simple logic....

Once....twice...three times maybe even four....was I really??

I should backtrack a little...just so that you know a little bit more about my "secrets", humm I laugh out loud saying that... Do you know what my major was at college? No? any guesses?

Fine Arts...because I loved the aesthetics, the why, the how, understanding not just the context of the mind that created, but the vision of those who experienced it...I wanted to become a historian, an art historian...maybe even a work in a museum still would be a dream come true.

And Humanities...Anthropology to be exact, why? It fueled my former desire, the whys? the hows? The myths and legends, old and new that influences us. In my mind there is nothing greater then understanding a situation...not after its over but while you are in it...confused?? imagine the state of my mind...LOL

So what did these two things do to me?? It made me analytical of any literature,movie,story I came college mates and I would compare, contrast, analyze.....just thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzie...LOL

For instance in an effort to increase my "Hindi speaking skills" one summer I watched over 10 tapes of the dramatized epic poem MAHABHARATA with a close friend, I still needed the subtitles, my Hindi only a millimetre but that one summer of videos became topics of discussion the entire semester...and the one after that, a paper for a final, actually two papers now that I think of it...

Pride and prejudice was next in tow, almost everything that passed by my hands or eyes became a portal to understanding something else, some faint comparison, some contrast backed up by the logic of the greatest minds.....

Can you then imagine what happened when I watched "Twilight", it was like an eruption, my mind wired by this new tale, drew lines up and down the dialog, making connections, underlining, words popped out, others got circled. It was like after six years of hibernating, the embers of light were ignited in my as I was like light falling on tiny little diamonds casting rainbows on everything it touched.

I felt like I would self-combust, I needed to ....let it all out
My modem is not so slow you know, its fast, well moderately fast, atleast I never need to grab a snack while starting up the computer...modern age, don't you just LOVE it?

My friends a.k.a the discussion panel, are now only an email away....our discussions would go as fast as we could type and hit that SEND button....I spilled they listened okay read...they shared...I re-analyzed, it was like the old days..almost.

"No No" my friend's words coxed, "you have to read just have to"

She had a copy of the first book, that she would pass along to her sister who taught my sister biology in Highschool. Connections....don't you just LOVE it?

But there was a wait, til the book arrived, I didn't get to see it until my little sister got to devour a way it was her little gift for being the middle man, the messenger.

Then it was my turn, page after page, word after word, onyx to topaz the story unravelled. I have a vivid imagination I tell you, so vivid....I don't watch scary movies...don't snicker its true, one of my many mysteries my husband cannot fathom.

All too soon it ended...can you imagine how wired my mind was my own personal brand of intrigue....under whose spell I can never grow old. And I don't mind it a bit. So a warm....VINAKA (thank you) is in order to the author...for dusting off the cobwebs in my mind and ...short fusing the circuits ....LOL...I have to say it "can you see my crooked little smile?" LOL